Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Do you Have Courage?

The presence of the egg as a symbol on the ground and is well known surrealist art. We find, for example, in some paintings of Ernst, in Remedios Varo, along Dali all creation. The Carrington also used it as a motif in several of his works populated by mysterious characters, fish and birds. But this post does not refer specifically to eggs as pictorial object, but as food in the kitchen. In the novel Leonora no lack of allusions to food, in fact, Poniatowska Leonora tells us that liked to cook and do it excellently. In the house of the French province of St. Martin who lived with Max, Poniatowska grew vegetables and describes it in the kitchen: "With your fingers, Leonora takes their pods peas, beans wastes and lentils, nuts. Their hands are more than business, are wise. Come and go as if cast careers and never wrong, do not hurt or when slicing the tips of green beans or carrots casters do. " (Seix Barral, 2011, p.150) In New York, while Leduc looks when leaving for Mexico, Leonora wow you with their dishes, "invites eat Breton and Marcel Duchamp and serves a rabbit stuffed with oysters." (Seix Barral, 2011, p. 269) In Mexico, metates and mortars gun and learn how to make tortillas and mole. When Maurie visit her mother, Leonora amazed with introducing new foods into your meals: breakfast papaya, oranges and eggs a la mexicana . On these Maurie says: -I had never tasted such a delight. Start the day with a Mexican breakfast is a godsend . (Seix Barral, 2011, p. 360) And so true is that reading has moved me to prepare huevos rancheros. Here I leave you with the list of ingredients to achieve so heavenly gift. Do you encourage?

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