Friday, November 1, 2013

New Mexico Chilies

Walking the streets of New Mexico was certainly an experience exceptional. Nothing had seen before in the United States that compares. And, the stunning scenery around the cities, indigenous element is added that makes the difference with the other states of the nation. Houses of adobe, ladders against the walls, colorful textiles and CHILLI , chillies everywhere, surprise visitors at every step.

 Like I said before, I walked by these regions in May. I visited Albuquerque, Socorro and Santa Fe, and I walked all I could through the streets despite the unexpected snowfall two days and a windstorm uncomfortable but made ​​it more difficult, not able to stop me. had seen in photographs the beautiful strings of peppers hanging from the ceilings, but I could never imagine the colorful profusion and I stumbled into since my arrival.

Currently, my baby is just coming around, so i plan on buying a double stroller for her

They are everywhere, and in all sizes. Currently serve as decoration but are also edible, as is tradition hang to dry in the sun for later use in the kitchen. There are stores that specialize in chilies, where he sold in powder or paste, or courses.

In one of them, in Albuquerque, explained the drying process so that it can last up to a year for culinary uses, and up to five as decoration if you apply a varnish. chili is basic and fundamental ingredient of cooking in New Mexico. A question safe in restaurants in the region is " green or red? ", to what locals usually respond "Christmas" I, of course, ate food from New Mexico during the trip.

Guess what he asked you? Of course, chili! here I leave a picture of one of the restaurants visited in Albuquerque and my favorite dish on the menu. Sorry I have the recipe to share with you, but I encourage you to travel to NM, I assure you will not regret.

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